Social Entanglement #55

The painting belongs to the series “Social Entanglement”. However, it was painted in a different place, in Cologne. This can be seen in the intensity of the colours. For me, it is a very powerful painting, as many motifs and elements from the past months have flowed into it. Everything is interwoven and dynamic at the same time, with a clearly defined framework. When driving nail number 398 into the painting, I missed and hit my finger instead. Thomas Siffling Trio’s “Kitchen Music” is a successful album and I thought as an accompaniment at work it somehow fitted the place.


100 cm x 100 cm


Oil, canvas, structure paste, nails, cord


May 2015


5.500 €

If you want to buy a painting, please send me an e-mail with the picture number e.g. (#1) and your address. You can then easily transfer or pay via PayPal. Delivery is always free all over the world! You tell me where you are and I'll take care of the shipping :-).

Oil Painting Roman Feron
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