Fira d’indians #66

Once a year, during the first weekend in September, the Fira d’Indians takes place. On these days, the inhabitants celebrate the intense relationship between Cuba and Begur, which has its origins in the emigration of many inhabitants of Begur to Cuba during the 19th century. After returning to Begur, those who made good money built ostentatious shops and houses that still dominate the colourful streets of Begur. These were the popular “americanos” who imitated the lifestyle of Cuba and who brought a varied cultural offer with them. Begur is very colourfully decorated during these three days while the hot summer nights also have a positive effect on the mood of the visitors. As I watch the fiesta, I see dancing, colourful circles merging together.


90 cmx 90 cm


Oil, canvas, structure paste, nails, cord


October 2022


4.500 €

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Oil Painting Roman Feron
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