Art Fair 2023

20. – 23. April 2023 | Opening 20rd April 2023

Art Fair | Roman Feron Painter and Artist of Modern Art
  • Begur


    The pictures I paint are created in a unique place - my studio in Begur (Catalonia).

    Art Fair | Roman Feron Painter and Artist of Modern Art
  • Painting


    A painter doesn't need much to paint: brush, paint, canvas and synaesthesia 🙂

    Art Fair | Roman Feron Painter and Artist of Modern Art
  • Marius Szoltysek


    I was down, I was up, then I disappeared for a long time - now I'm back! The new phase started in Catalonia, where I reached a new level and a new changed, thoughtful direction.

    Art Fair | Roman Feron Painter and Artist of Modern Art
Art Fair | Roman Feron Painter and Artist of Modern Art

About Roman Feron

Roman Feron develops his artistic work at the intersection of visual art, jazz music, social elements and the environment. Synaesthesia and place impact the final artwork. Behind the soberly balanced aesthetics of his works often lie complex technical processes and interrelationships. He has only become known under the pseudonym Roman Feron since the mid-2010s. The name behind the pseudonym has a personal background as well as a deeper meaning and presents the person he really is. His experiences and inspiration have always been influenced by his many world travels and the experience of widely diverse cultures. Whether Africa, South America, Asia or not least Europe, where he also lives and works, have a decisive influence on his contemporary art. Compressed, all of this is reflected in his works.

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My Technique

The technique I use is an original idea that combines oil painting with other manual techniques. Besides wooden panels, canvas and sand mass, nails or strings are also used. The uncompromising, colour-saturated palette is combined with a raw and strong character of the different materials – a simple/ordinary string around each painting provides a clear demarcation at infinity or gives the work a frame.

Roman Feron Painting

My process

Inspiration, collecting motifs and elements, dealing with current social and political issues, sketching and selecting tools and materials. This is my complex but always functioning work process. The realisation and completion of the work is created through a combination of concentration, jazz, the mass of sand thrown onto the canvas and the moment of the instant resonating with the waves of the sea hitting the rocks outside my window.
I rely on basic principles that are close to any conscious artist – I plan first, but in the process the individual steps are constantly adjusted until the result is right.

Roman Feron - My Inspiration

My Inspiration

I am fundamentally inspired by the regions, places I visit and most of all by the conversation with the culture and people I come into contact with. It is often moments and perspectives that allow me to see the beauty of art in any situation. Whether I am sitting in a café reading the newspaper or studying people, finding my way to beaches and forests via trails, or taking photos from a different perspective on an aeroplane, all of these events, motifs and elements that are important to me are a snapshot, they influence my inspiration and flow onto the canvas in an abstract and compressed way. The jazz music that accompanies me is the decisive quantum leap in the final realisation of an idea.

Roman Feron - My Tools

My Tools

Brush, paint, canvas and synaesthesia - what else does a painter need? 🙂 My main medium is oil paint and sand mass, I choose other tools and materials so that I can freely pour my ideas onto the canvas. Sometimes I use (more) unconventional tools with which I complete the picture and give it its individual characteristics.

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