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The pictures I paint are created in a unique place – in my studio in Begur (Catalonia). Here the cultures of neighbouring civilisations collided and influenced each other, forming a kaleidoscopic wealth of forms and colours that is unique.
  • Art Fair | Roman Feron Painter and Artist of Modern Art
  • Atelier Roman Feron
  • Atelier Roman Feron
  • Atelier Roman Feron

It is no coincidence that the uniqueness, complexity and Mediterranean character of this region has inspired great creators over time. For me personally, it is a place full of inspiration and hope. When I look down at the cliffs from above – from my studio – I sometimes scream with excitement, so incredible is the view and the panorama. I spent many years looking for such a place, I didn’t want to compromise, so I systematically selected according to certain criteria: Light, view, surroundings, people, culture and life should complement each other perfectly! And when I almost gave up because I couldn’t find anything suitable, it became real after all. Every day here starts with powerful inspiration, which is influenced by the surroundings. It is exactly this combination that in turn affects my balanced choice of colours and thus my current style.

For me personally, it is almost a magical place where I can throw myself fully into my work, without compromise or distraction. The outside noises flow into the jazz music that constantly accompanies me and it is precisely this mixture that creates the crucial imagination of my work, which can be found in each of my paintings. The individual elements that can be found in the environment are very decisive here, because they are taken into account and constantly incorporated into my work. Last but not least, the sea has an enormous power, it takes on a new shape every day and it is never identical. Add to this the gigantic sunrises over the sea, the rocks, stones and cliffs give me altogether an inexhaustible choice of motifs.

The surroundings of my studio have infinite power. It already existed in this form millions of years ago – I’m just visiting here, my only goal is to get as much as possible onto the canvas.

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